d Spot Jazz is a movement created to advance great music, sophisticated entertainment, poetry and other fine arts in the Caribbean.  Dinner and a movie are acceptable sometimes, but we are about engineering awesome experiences!  There’s plenty of fun to be had in the Caribbean.  We’re here to make sure you have great alternatives!

Our diverse team has a wide palette for fun spanning jazz clubs, museums, art galleries, musical theater, spoken word and other groovy matters.  Not surprisingly, there are several people in the Caribbean also craving these types of experiences.

You may know some of these folks.  Ladies who want to step out in dresses and heels…but don’t want to ruin that fancy footwear partying on dirt or gravel.  Gentlemen who buy wine glasses, not beer bottles.  Ladies who want music that sounds the way they look (we’re being optimistic here). Gentlemen who wear neckties, bow ties, ascots, braces (not suspenders!) and never button that bottom button on a jacket. Folks who want to enjoy an evening on the town…but preferably not at the same event with their children. Hmm…this might be you?

If so, it’s a pleasure meeting you!  Be sure to connect via our mailing list, twitter, or facebook.  See you soon!